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Concours Inter-langues

This year again, Ecole du Centre participated in the Concours Inter-langues organized by the French-programme schools in Mauritius. Open to all levels and judged by an independent jury of Mauritian artists, this competition was organized again by Cyril Dowling, teacher and conseiller pédagogique at Lycée La Bourdonnais. This year’s theme was ‘Love’ and once again, our pupils’ excellent entries impressed the jury. Hema Cherre’s  CM1 (1)  wrote a song and made a wonderful video with the help of Mariah Peer called Messages of Love which earned them the prize of Meilleure Oeuvre Multimedia. Another of Hema Cherre’s classes, CM2 (1), created a "Wheel of Love" on which each pupil wrote their own meaning of the word ‘love’ and which won Coup de Coeur du Jury.

Nadjla Chady’s CE1 (3) and (4) combined their efforts to produce a beautiful book of drawings and text explaining how they would help fight the suffering in the world. This project won Meilleure Oeuvre d’Art. The incredibly talented 3e student Zahra Aumeerally wrote an amazing story called "The Siblings". For this she won Meilleure Nouvelle and the Grand Prix Inter-Langues. Congratulations to all those pupils who participated and won and to their English teachers for inspiring such great projects.

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