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Foreign Languages Competition : Best Film, Best Story

Once again this year Ecole du Centre participated in the Foreign Languages Competition organised for the French schools in Mauritius. Prizes are awarded for the quality and creativity of the students' work in a number of categories including Best Story, Best Poem, Best Film, Best Song, etc. The jury is an independent one and includes Mauritian writers, artists and linguists. This year over 700 students took part and we were thrilled to discover that Ecole du Centre was particularly successful. Anita Monvoisin's CE2(2) English class won the prize for Best Film with "Meeting Shakespeare" and Hrishika Brijmohun in 3eme won Best Story for her Romeo and Juliet inspired "Ralph and June", an especially funny story which particularly pleased the jury. Not only did Hrishika win for Best Story but she also received the big First Prize for the best work overall in college, a fabulous achievement. Congratulations to all the students who took part, we look forward to as much success next year.

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